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New plugin: QKeys

You'll almost always want a # in the definition, unless you intend to discard the word at the cursor. I suppose I might automatically append a #, if /C is specified and the definition text contains only one word.

Good idea! I like that. Why limit it to when there's just one word? Just append a # if there isn't one (for /C only).
From Help > TCC > Command Line > Command Line Editing: "Ctrl-K Save the current command line in the history list without executing it, and then clear the command line".
I like that. Now ... teach myself to use it!
Was anyone actually involved in a collision? I don't even remember QKEYS, and having just read its text file, I still don't remember it.
Some of my scripts use QKEYS. I think it enables directly marking the copy area in a console window as opposed to marking it from the console pull-down menu. Something like that.

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