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Access denied TakeCommand.19.0.key


I'm running Windows 10, 64 bit. I purchased TCMD 19, 64-bit. Installed OK, registered OK. However, whenever I open TCC (which I use a lot), I get this error message:

Access is denied "C:\ProgramData\JP Software\TakeCommand.19.0.key"

When I dismiss the error-message box, everything seems to work, but it's a major nuisance I've never seen before (I've been using TCC since the original 4NT product).

Furthermore, TCC still indicates it is a 30-day evaluation copy, so registering TCMD did not automatically register TCC. How do I register TCC?

Any advice for solving either problem will be greatly appreciated.
TCMD and TCC use the same registration key.

You apparently have something (either a Windows Policy or a third-party app) that's blocking TCC's access to the registration key. Are you running TCC as a stand-alone console session or as a tab inside TCMD? Do you get this error loading TCMD or only when loading TCC?

You can try doing the registration from an elevated session (right click on the TCMD icon and select "run as administrator"), and then restart TCMD and/or TCC in a normal session.
Solved. I made the hidden directory ProgramData visible, then took ownership of it and all its subdirectories, then changed permissions on the subdirectory "JP Software" and gave the owner "full control." Then I could actually register the product. (I note that I did get a "registration successful" message even when the registration was not successful.) All is now well.

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