TCC24 not recognizing key definitions

Jul 31, 2008
Brighton, CO
I have been using the same TCMD.INI virtually forever. After upgrading to a new version, I simply copy the file to the new TCMD or TCC directory and go.

This did not seem to work going from TCC23 => TCC24. None of these key definitions are not being recognized:

BeginLine = Ctrl-A
DelToBeginning = Ctrl-U
DelToEnd = Ctrl-K
DelWordLeft = Ctrl-J
EndLine = Ctrl-E

I can't seem to assign them through the Key Commands: editor either. Other items in the file, like StdColors, EditMmode, Mail*, etc. are working as expected.

Is this because I am using the Trial version of TCC24? That has never been a problem in the past.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
V24 no longer supports key directives in the [4NT] section. All key definitions are in the [Keys] section, which is created automatically by the OPTION / Keyboard dialog.

Delete those entries from your [4NT] section, and let me know if you're having problems defining them with the Keyboard dialog.
Jul 31, 2008
Brighton, CO
Thanks, Rex. It's working now (mostly). I also noticed that blank spaces are no longer allowed around the '=', so I now have:


CTRL-A as BeginLine does not seem to work. It tries to select all text in the TCC24 window, instead of going to the beginning of the line. The others seem to work OK now.

I've attached my TCMD.INI file.


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