Computer ID for Manual Key

Installed TC 20. Need a manual key due to restrictions on the proxy. Clicked "Request Manual Key". The "…" page asks for a "Computer ID".
I am not sure what this "Computer ID" is and how to get it.
Non-US Windows installation (French), so the wording could be a problem.


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May 14, 2008
I entered the Activation Key, Computer Name; got the Computer Bound Key.
When I enter this latter key, the registration dialog blocks and eventually shows the error:
Error when registering the License
(i) Specified URLSheme (https) is invalid: this edition does not support SSL URLs.
Are you sure you entered the activation key & manual key correctly? If the manual key is valid, TCMD won't try to call the activation server (the HTTPS call).

If you did everything correctly & it doesn't work, email your computer bound key to [email protected] and I will test its validity.
Both the Activation Key and the Manual Key had been copy-pasted.
My mistake was that I took the computer's "Full name" (french "Nom complet") (i-e computer name + domain name) as the "Computer ID". My though was that the computer name alone is too easy to change — but I should just have followed w_krieger's advice to use %computername%. Later I didn't wan't to make several requests for a manual key.
Today I entered the %computername% as the "Computer ID" and the manual key worked fine.
Sorry for bothering you.
Nov 2, 2008
You can't get %_host from CMD.EXE, which makes it rather hard if tcc is not available at install time. CMD can see %computername%, as well as the graphical environment viewers. %_host is not in the environment!