Hang/Crash When Requesting Help

Sep 7, 2011
TCC 18.00.16 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]

I know this used to work but lately if I type a command name then press F1, an empty help window pops up, the main TCC screen goes foggy (as in non-responsive), then hangs. After a minute or two Windows pops up a dialog that "TCC has stopped working" and offers to restart/debug it.

The same thing happens if I just type 'help' at a TCC prompt.

Not sure when it started, but I seem to recall having the same problem with TCC 17 (which I just upgraded _from_ last December).

I'm guessing it must have something to do with an Explorer plugin of some sort I am running, since there doesn't seem to be any other users reporting this issue.

How can I diagnose/resolve this? I am tempted to install a trial of TCC 19 to see if it resolves the issue, but again, if I'm the only user having a problem it is probably with my environment and the new version probably won't behave differently.
Sep 7, 2011
Update to the latest version of v18 (18.00.32). Microsoft broke .chm help files in an IE update; the recent versions of v18 and v19 have a workaround.
Where can I find that version? Your "Previous Versions" page doesn't have anything after TCC 17.0, i.e. TCC 18.x isn't present.
Sep 7, 2011
Thanks, Rex! That solved the problem. re the download issue, I had followed the "Previous Versions" link from the JPSoft.com home page rather than the "All Versions" link you mentioned. The "Previous Versions" page doesn't list TCC 18.0, but the other one does.

On the downloads page:


Or go to "Help / Check for Updates" in TCMD and it will download the new version automatically.
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