This may have been discussed, but I'd like to know how I force BDEBUGGER to retain the title of the TCC instance when it exits (Update titles is unchecked).

What exactly do you mean? What's going to exit? If TCC exits, BDEBUGGER goes with it. And if BDEBUGGER exits it can't retain anything!
I execute the BDEBUGGER by TCC's internal command. "Exit" refers to exiting the BDEBUGGER command, just as I would exit batch file or a DEL command. As sophisticated as TCC is in hiding that it uses IDE.EXE (you need to read the HELP) all it needs to do is to save the title of the TCC instance which executed BDEBUGGER and restore it on completion.
You have a strange way of saying things! Are you asking that, when the debugging session is over, TCC revert to the title it had before BDEBUGGER was executed?
Whether "Update Titles" is or is not enabled, BDEBUGGER does nothing to the title of any window. But then I'm using Win7Ult SP1 x64 & the x64 TCMD package.

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