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Fixed Key mapping does not work anymore


the following key assigment used to work but stopped working quite some time ago (v12?, v13?).:

option //PrevArgument = Alt-.

...which is supposed to insert the last argument of the last command. Right now it is inserting a weird looking control character which I identified as "U+0010 <control> DATA LINK ESCAPE" (don't know if this helps at all).

The help file (under "Key Names") states:
"Alt- | A-Z, 0-9, F1-F12, Bksp, and the non-alphanumeric keys `-=[]\;',./" so syntax should be fine.

Who can help?

The default key for the last argument on the previous command line was changed from Ctrl-P to Ctrl-B in v12 (about 15 months ago). However, its entry in the key remapping table was still set to Ctrl-P, which means that your "Alt-." is being translated to ASCII 16, which doesn't mean anything to TCC and gets displayed as a control character. I've fixed it for build 36, which should be uploaded in the next day or two.
[FOX] Ultimate Translator