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TCC-RT window closes on launch

I was using TCC LE on my Windows 10 PC and recently reset the PC. After resetting, when I tried to download TCC/LE, I found that there is TCC-RT. I downloaded and installed it. After installing, when I double-click the desktop icon, tccrt is launched, the console window flashes for a fraction of a second and then it closes by itself. I was not sure whether it displayed an error message, so I changed the target in the desktop icon to "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_32\tcc.exe" /k pause
Then the console window is launched and displays:
Copyright 2023 JP Software Inc. All Rights Reserved
"Press any key when ready..."
But then if I press a key, the TCCRT window is closed.
I have checked "Run as administrator". No luck.
If I launch tcc from CMD window, same result. Exits without any error message.
I am running tccrt on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.4412]

What am I doing wrong?
(I could not find a forum dedicated to TCCRT. thus posting here. Let me know if I have to post elsewhere).
Here's the source code to create a REPL for TCC-RT;
@echo off
:: Read-Eval-Print-Loop
:: Usage: "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_32\tcc.exe" /I /Q /C repl.btm
Do Forever
  echos %_cwd^>
  input %%thecmd
  call %thecmd

You can also call TCC-RT from TCC/LE;
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_32\tcc.exe" /Q /C copydir
Usage : COPYDIR source destination


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