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Vince - forum format revisited

On Sat, 03 Dec 2011 14:15:50 -0500, Steve Fabian <> wrote:

|At one time you had a "news site" replicator, IIRC it ran on lucky. Did it have a web access?

Well, I had a NNTP server (Dnews). It "sucked" newsgroups from various places
(NNTP provider, my employer's server, my NNTP provider, SparkList) so they'd be
available quickly to me. Once upon a time, I opened it to one or two JP users
by request but IIRC that faded quickly. There were some gadgets available to
tack onto it. One was an email (inbound) feed that I could never get working
well. Visiting their site (netwinsite) I see they say it has a web interface.
It's no longer developed but still available "as is".

I was serious when I said I'd be delighted if someone developed forum software
that emulated Agent (or any decent newsreader). Such an interface should be
easy for some. Integration with email should be done from scratch (not tacked
on to 20 year old bulletin board technology). Users would need some space on
the server to keep track of what they've seen (heck, perhaps that could even be
done with a cookie).

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