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May 31, 2008
Rex, would (could?) you please duplicate the What's New button at the end of each forum post?

My reading flow used to involve clicking What's New, then staying in the What' New results page and clicking each new title to read the post, and clicking the browser back button to return to the What's New results page. Something changed and now clicking the back button doesn't take me back to the results page anymore. So now I have to scroll each page all the way up to the top of the post to be able to click the What's New button again. If the What's New button was duplicated at the end of the page I wouldn't need to scroll up each page.
May 31, 2008
Here is a work-around. If your browser supports per-site user style sheets (Opera does), you can create a styles sheet for with the following level-3 CSS code, which moves the "What's New" button to the top left corner of the page, and makes it float over page contents.
/*float the What's New button*/
div.tabLinks ul.blockLinksList li:nth-child(4){background-color:#0EE!important;position:fixed;top:0%;left:0px}
div.tabLinks ul.blockLinksList li:nth-child(4) a{padding:0px 3px!important}
div.tabLinks ul.blockLinksList li:nth-child(4) a:hover{background-color:#0FF!important}
Nov 2, 2009
What *I* do is go to the what's new page, then open each thread in a separate tab. Works nicely. That way, I don't have to move back and forward to/from the what's new page, which is always readily available.

Unless you're stuck with Explorer 6, you should be able to do this without issue.
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
I click the "Top" link, then click "What's New?".

I used to do that, then I installed a mouse gestures extension in my browser. Since I'm doing all my forum browsing with the mouse anyway, when I get to the bottom, I just hold down my right mouse button, move the mouse upwards about an inch or so, then let go of the mouse button and I'm back at the top of the page where the "What's New?" link is. Although, I may have to give Stefano's idea a try.
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
Although, I may have to give Stefano's idea a try.

OK. I installed the Stylish extension in Chrome and plopped in Stefano's CSS.

Very nice.

I did change the position in the first rule from "left:0px" to "left:50%" which moves it to the top center of the window instead of the top left.
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