Access Denied errors in TCC 27

Aug 16, 2016
Here is a series of commands that works perfectly in TCC 26:

E:\Finance\ > ver

TCC  26.02.43 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19041.685]

E:\Finance\ > webform /v /w"", "QUOTE_TYPE", "R", "SID_VALUE_ID", "FCNTX", "submit", "Quote" > quotes6-1.txt

E:\Finance\ > dir quotes6-1.txt

 Volume in drive E is Abraham_E    Serial number is 38df:5d12
 Directory of  E:\Finance\quotes6-1.txt

12/15/2020  19:08          43,070  quotes6-1.txt
              43,070 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    45,056 bytes allocated
   1,649,015,721,984 bytes free

I just installed TCC 27, and when I run exactly the same commands I get:

E:\Finance\ > ver

TCC  27.00.14 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19041.685]

E:\Finance\ > webform /v /w"", "QUOTE_TYPE", "R", "SID_VALUE_ID", "FCNTX", "submit", "Quote" > quotes6-1.txt
TCC: (Sys) Access is denied.

Amazingly, TCC 27 can't even delete the file written by TCC 26 even though I'm running TCC 27 as an Administrator:

E:\Finance\ > del quotes6-1.txt
Deleting E:\Finance\quotes6-1.txt
TCC: (Sys) Access is denied.
     0 files deleted       1 failed

This must be a bug somewhere. I have never experienced such a problem in any other upgrade. Am I correct that this is a bug? Or is something else going on?

Thank you,
Jesse Heines, a fan and user of TCC for over 20 years! :)
Aug 9, 2009
Allow an app through controlled folder access. the app being tcc.exe v27, allow all from tcc


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Not reproducible here. Assuming there's no access limitations on that directory, a handle might be open on that file (which would explain why you cannot delete it), but nothing in the webform code is doing that.

The ipworks dll is handling the low-level work here, and that did change from v26 to v27, but using your command line in v27 I have no problem creating & then deleting the file. Try running TCC without a TCMD.INI file and see if that changes the behavior; if it does send me your TCMD.INI so I can try to reproduce it here.

Anybody else able to reproduce this?
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Hmmm! I don't get any error messages but in v26 it looks like HTML while in v27 it looks like ...

Aug 16, 2016
I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused.

First, I rebooted my computer. I then ran TakeCommand 27.0.14. This solved the deletion problem. But now I'm getting Chinese characters just like "vefatica" documented.

@Rex: You wrote that you uploaded a new build (27.0.16). Please tell me where I can download that from. I went to Download Take Command, TCC, CMDEBUG, or TCC/LE Windows command prompt, but I just see 27.0 Build 14 there. Also, when I downloaded that, the file was a different size from the one that I got when I clicked on the link in the upgrade email.

In addition, Avast is giving me warnings on both files that I downloaded and Windows Defender won't let me run these files at all. (Sigh.)
Aug 16, 2016
Thank you for your reply, Charles. I had done Help > Check for Updates, but for some reason that didn't work. However, option /u did the trick. Version 27.00.16 indeed fixes the Chinese (or other) character problem. I greatly appreciate your help.

One additional note: The Chinese character problem happened when I updated from Version 25 to 26 back on March 30, 2020, too. See my post and Rex's reply at webform output different in ver. 26 than ver. 25. Thus, someone might want to make a note of this somewhere for the next update, as it seems to be a recurring problem when TCC undergoes a major update.
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