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EDIT FIELD in a popup window

I have just passed from v.12 to v.18. And I have noticed a new "tab" in a popup window.
I have attached a screenshot where this field is marked as yellow.

This new field changes the behavior of my (old) menu. Instead of typing 0 (zero) and exit I have to type <ESC>.
And some other minor changes..

Please, let me know if it is any possibility to avoid the appearance of that field.

Thank you,


  • Window new tab.pdf
    138.2 KB · Views: 327
I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to here -- can you post a batch file fragment so we can see what popup window you're referring to? (TCMD and TCC have a lot of them.)

Several years ago we added a search window to some of the popups, which continuously updates the contents of the window based on the search string -- is that what you're using?
I am sorry. The pop-up window is from @SELECT.

And the issue was due to some spaces before each row in the menu. Eliminating them solved the problem - one tap for a 0 in the window and the next tap the exit.
Thank you.


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