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Forum upgrades complete


Staff member
I've finished the major components of the forum upgrades.

I'm seeing about a 120% improvement in page display time. (This may take another day or two to filter out to everybody via the CDN.) If you're having any problems loading the forum pages or seeing any unexpected display artifacts, please let me know.

The JP Software blog is also loading about 70% faster, though that wasn't a significant concern anyway.

The next step is to implement the CDN on the web site.
I just wrote to You through email, because I did not know of forum upgrade nor of this message.
So, I post here again so that other people can check if they have the same issues.

I cannot reach the open forum, I am sent back at the main forum list.
It seems that forums for TCC/LE versions have links that point to take command forums. For example, http://jpsoft.com/forums/announcements/ and http://jpsoft.com/forums/support/.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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