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Fixed Prompt display will be shifted after use dir to display a filename with Chinese. (v25.00.28 x64)

I think it might be a bug. Please reference the screenshot.


When I use dir to show the files in my folder, if one of the filenames contains Chinese, the prompt will be shifted after pressing any key. However, everything will return normal after runs cls.
Is this with TCC in a console window, or in a Take Command tab window?

What code page are you using?

What font are you using?

What version of Windows are you running?

1. Take Command tab window.
2. Active code page: 950
3. Font is Consolas.
4. TCC 25.00.28 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.17763.437]

If you detach the tab, does the console window show the same thing?

And are those single-width or double-width characters?

The issue can't be reproduced after detaching the tab. I'm not sure what is the width of characters but I can paste the filename for your reference.

TwnLogon - 捷徑

Okay, I can understand. But I reported the bug with the subject that specificated a version, v25, and currently only v26 fixed. Changed the status to "fixed" might misleading others that v25 already fixed. Just my two cents.:smile:

I still can reproduce the issue on 25.00.29 x64 but the behavior is a little changed. The promprt will back to normal state after typing some commands.


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