Strange Prompt.

Apr 20, 2011
Hi Rex,
Hello Forum,

If I follow the follwoing steps I (unexpectedly) change the prompt:

- I'm in [C:\Program Files\JPSoft]
- Call 'dir /='
- Hit [...]
- Go 2 Dirs up to to c:\ and select "Program Files", hit open and then ok.
- I got the dir of [C:\Program Files\], fine.
- Prompt says now [C:\Program Files], why?
- echo %@cwd[C:] says: [C:\Program Files\JPSoft]

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
From: Exolon
| If I follow the follwoing steps I (unexpectedly) change the prompt:
| - I'm in [C:\Program Files\JPSoft]
| - Call 'dir /='
| - Hit [...]
| - Go 2 Dirs up to to c:\ and select "Program Files", hit open and
| then ok.
| - I got the dir of [C:\Program Files\], fine.
| - Prompt says now [C:\Program Files], why?
| - echo %@cwd[C:] says: [C:\Program Files\JPSoft]

Suggest you check and report what your prompt string (i.e., the value of the PROMPT environment variable) is, but remember, the PROMPT command always changes it. Use the SET command to display it, and make sure that any embedded commands and variables are not expanded in the report.
May 20, 2009
Hi Rex,
Hello Forum,

If I follow the following steps I (unexpectedly) change the prompt:
I too see the same result.
I have not exactly the prompt variable in the environment, but I use "TitlePrompt=$P".
Also, if I am in the root of my system drive (F:) and I type
*dir /=
hit [...]
I select "Program Files" with the single click so that the "File name" field is empty.
I click on Open.
In the "File or Directory Name" I see "F:\Program Files\Program Files", so it is twice.
It seems to me that the browsing of directories uses the same uses the same variables/data/memory ad the directory commands, and I am not sure if this is completely wrong, but it seems to me that some checking and some cleanup are necessary.

Thank You very much and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Apr 20, 2011
What is the (original) content of your prompt?

I start in [C:\Program Files\JPSoft] and my prompt is reflecting the correct directory. I did no change to the way the prompt is displayed (or the prompt variable), so it should be default.
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 09:16:02 -0400, rconn <> wrote:

|What is the (original) content of your prompt?

I see it too. Following those instructions, starting in "c:\program
files\litsoft". When it's all over, and the contents of "program files" was
shown, I get the the following. It seems "$p" got screwed up.

c:\> echo %_cwd

c:\> echo %@cwd[c:]
C:\Program Files\Litsoft

c:\> cd
C:\Program Files\Litsoft

c:\> echo %prompt

c:\> *dir

 Volume in drive C is OS             Serial number is 9845:71f0
 Directory of  C:\Program Files\Litsoft\*

c:\> cd ..

c:\program files>
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