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WAD Strange output from "memory" command

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I have 8 GB of RAM on this Windows 7 machine, and have disabled the Windows paging file. The "memory" command is giving some pretty strange output. It says I have a paging file, and virtual RAM of 8 TB.

C:\> memory

37 % Memory load

8,478,961,664 bytes total physical RAM
5,288,804,352 bytes available physical RAM

8,477,061,120 bytes total page file
4,797,427,712 bytes available page file

8,796,092,891,136 bytes total virtual RAM
8,795,894,603,776 bytes available virtual RAM

262,144 characters total alias
261,990 characters free

131,072 characters total function
131,071 characters free

20,000 characters total history

C:\> ver

TCC 13.04.63 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
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