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TCMD Crashes with "tctoolbar /c /r file"

In my previous version (19) I had found that the /C and /R options could not be combined, so in my scripts I ran two commands, the first with /C to clear the toolbar and the second with /R to reset it to the standard configuration. Today, I decided to see if the two options could not be combined and was shocked to find that the attempt totally wiped out Take Command. I could not even restart it. Eventually I figured out that it was probably still running somewhere out of sight, so I started a TCC window where I could use TASKEND to kill it.

Unless I missed it, the documentation does not say that the two options cannot be combined, and, in any case, the program should not crash if the are.
I pared the file down to what is listed below, which still hangs up TCMD when run as

tctoolbar /c /r bar.txt

It works fine if I run the command without the "/c" option. And I can run

tctoolbar /c & tctoolbar /r bat.txt


B1=257,,CLS,,,esc "cls" enter
B2=257,,RUN,,,"%%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B3=261,,GP,,,esc "gp" enter
B4=257,,DP,,,esc "dp %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B5=257,,CD,,,esc "cd_clip %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B6=257,,DESC,,,esc "desc %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B7=257,,EREN,,,esc "eren %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B8=257,,REN,,,esc "batrun button_ren %_selected" enter
B9=257,,MOVE,,,esc "batrun button_move %_selected" enter
B10=257,,ED,,,esc "edit %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B11=257,,PDF,,,esc "pdf %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B12=257,,V,,,esc "v %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B13=257,,PASTE,,,"%_selected "
Although the file exists, when I try Jay's example, I get this message box.

v:\> d v:\bar.*
2019-10-10  21:52             642  bar.txt

v:\> tctoolbar /c /r v:\bar.txt

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