TCMD Crashes with "tctoolbar /c /r file"

Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
In my previous version (19) I had found that the /C and /R options could not be combined, so in my scripts I ran two commands, the first with /C to clear the toolbar and the second with /R to reset it to the standard configuration. Today, I decided to see if the two options could not be combined and was shocked to find that the attempt totally wiped out Take Command. I could not even restart it. Eventually I figured out that it was probably still running somewhere out of sight, so I started a TCC window where I could use TASKEND to kill it.

Unless I missed it, the documentation does not say that the two options cannot be combined, and, in any case, the program should not crash if the are.
Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
I pared the file down to what is listed below, which still hangs up TCMD when run as

tctoolbar /c /r bar.txt

It works fine if I run the command without the "/c" option. And I can run

tctoolbar /c & tctoolbar /r bat.txt


B1=257,,CLS,,,esc "cls" enter
B2=257,,RUN,,,"%%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B3=261,,GP,,,esc "gp" enter
B4=257,,DP,,,esc "dp %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B5=257,,CD,,,esc "cd_clip %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B6=257,,DESC,,,esc "desc %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B7=257,,EREN,,,esc "eren %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B8=257,,REN,,,esc "batrun button_ren %_selected" enter
B9=257,,MOVE,,,esc "batrun button_move %_selected" enter
B10=257,,ED,,,esc "edit %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B11=257,,PDF,,,esc "pdf %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B12=257,,V,,,esc "v %%@quote[%_selected]" enter
B13=257,,PASTE,,,"%_selected "
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Although the file exists, when I try Jay's example, I get this message box.

v:\> d v:\bar.*
2019-10-10  21:52             642  bar.txt

v:\> tctoolbar /c /r v:\bar.txt

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