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Bdebugger doesn't recognize breakpoint after batch file returns

TCC 12,10,59 Windows XP [Version 5,1,2600]
TCC Build 59 Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 3

Using swedish keyboard and Regional and Language Options: Swedish

When running z1.btm below in bdebugger / IDE I can't get enabled breakpoint to work after calling batch file z2.btm.
If I enable 2 breakpoints in Z1.btm, on line 3 and 5, only line 3 is causing
a stop.

Reproducible: Always.

Batch file z1.btm
echo off
echo This is first file
echo Calling second file
call z2.btm
echo Returning from second file

Batch file z2.btm
echo off
echo This is second file
echo Returning to first file

Best regard
Berndt Berg
<!-- / message -->
Same TCC and Windows versions, same results. Batch execution stops at the breakpoint on line before the call to z2.btm, but does not stop at the brakpoint on the line after the call. All breakpoints are cleared after execution.

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