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Fixed CLIPMONITOR problems

Running version of TCC below in its own window (not a TCMD tab).

TCC 14.02.38 Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
TCC Build 38 Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 3
Registered to E. S. Fabian

Issued command
CLIPMONITOR forever f:\loc\raw.btm

The batch program just copies the clipboard contents to a file with the next available numeric name (e.g., 1000.raw,1001.raw, etc.). It works perfectly when I perform the following:
a/ load the clipboard from the highlighted area of a Firefox tab using the ctrl-C hotkey,
b/ switch to the TCC window (using alt-tab),
c/ execute the batch file from the command line.

1/ CLIPMONITOR did not automatically detect the change of clipboard contents
2/ When I performed the actions abc above manually, the monitor was triggered, but it reported that the TCC trial period had expired. The "exit" option terminated the registered TCC instance.

I have always had issues using the monitor-type commands, this may also be a problem of not using it properly, but the documentation gives no help.
The first part of your post seems to simply note that the clipboard is working.

But the second part seems to be a bug. After issuing

clipmonitor forever beep

nothing I do with the clipboard causes a beep.
Microsoft changed the contents of a Windows message recently (in a Windows Update) that broke CLIPMONITOR. I'm looking for a workaround.
How recently? I have never applied any Windows updates ... still with out-of-the-box Win7/32/SP1.
I don't know if it applies, but ... from what little I've read, since Vista, in order to receive WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE, you must AddClipboardFormatListener(HWND).

And in a quick test (Win7), calling AddClipboardFormatListener() **does** make the difference between receiving and not receiving WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE.
CLIPMONITOR now works in the manner desired - but only twice! The first two times it executed the batch file specified correctly. Note that batch file does NOT execute any other programs or batch files, though it does use global aliases. However, on the third change of clipboard contents (from a webpage displayed in a Firefox tab) the message signaling that the trial version of TCC expired popped up again, and selecting "exit" closed the (registered) TCC window. Started a new instance of TCC 14.02.39, once again the third change of clipboard content was fatal...
1/ installation directory is F:\JPSOFT\I14; .ini and TCSTART.BTM and TCEXIT.BTM files reside in F:\JPSOFT.
2/ TCC is normally started with a command explicitly specifying both its full path and the full path of the .INI file to be used, in the directory in which the .INI file is. TCStartPath directive is set to "." This method works for 4nt V5 and all later command processors, both from the command line and from desktop shortcuts (many invokable by hotkeys).
BTW, in the buy/register/exit pop-up, selecting "register", and in the registration pop-up selecting "cancel" allows TCC to continue without apparent restrictions.
This sequence makes TCC disappear!
v:\> clipmonitor forever echo foo
v:\> foo [now just playing]
    clipmonitor /c [actual command]
v:\> clipmonitor forever echo %@clip[0]
TCC  14.02.39
EAX=7FFDB000  EBX=00000000  ECX=08803040  EDX=00000000
ESI=00000308  EDI=08803064  EBP=08803028  ESP=08802FD4
CS=0000001B  DS=00000023  ES=00000023  SS=00000023
1 : ntdll.dll 00000001:00051f8b
2 : USER32.dll 00000001:0001b590
3 : USER32.dll 00000001:00014294
4 : USER32.dll 00000001:00014582
5 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:0007ebc3
6 : USER32.dll 00000001:0001b4e7
7 : USER32.dll 00000001:0001b5e7
8 : USER32.dll 00000001:00014294

So does this (a little better formed); GPFfile is the same.
v:\> clipmonitor forever echo %%@clip[0]
v:\> tor f [just playing]
echo %@clip[0]
    clipmonitor /c [actual command]
v:\> clipmonitor forever echo %%@clip[0]

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