Problems with PSUBST

Mar 20, 2009
On W7 there seems to be a problem with PSUBST. After using it to assign a:, the following message appeared then I tried to unassign it
:\howard\working>psubst/d a:
TCC: (Sys) The specified program requires a newer version of Windows.
"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\DOS Devices"

Also PSUBST with no arguments gives the /= screen both when there is and is not any substitutions.
The help description for PSUBST says PRIORITY rather than PSUBST in the documentation for the /= opetion.
I don't know about all the complaints, but in v21,
1. PSUBST with no parameters opens the command dialog
2. The text is wrong when the help describes the "/=" option.



Jul 6, 2008
Should also consider adding PSUBST to the help index.