Problems registering

I am trying to run (and register) a v15 Take Command on a W7 host without installing (I do not have admin privileges). I get a prompt to elevate to admin. I see that it is trying to "regsvr32.exe /s IsLicense50.dll". Since I don't have admin, I dismiss this. Then I get a prompt to Buy/Register/Cancel. I press Register, type in my name and registration key and TCMD crashes.

How can I make this work?
On the home page it says "Need Support? We are here for you!". So where is here?

Considering that I have been a paid user of 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT and now TCMD for over 20 years and have bought every version (except 17 as of yet) I would have expected some response by now ...


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Is this something new? TCMD 15 certainly worked in non-admin mode on XP ... I just got converted to W7x64. I also seem to remember that there were methods of providing the registration key that did not require admin...
XP doesn't have UAC, so there aren't admin/non-admin modes.

The registration process is unrelated; you don't need to be running an elevated session in order to register TCMD. However, Windows Installer requires that the installation process be elevated. There are some COM dll's that have to be registered for TCMD / TCC to work.