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How to? TCMD v24 registration problem


Long-time user here. I have two copies installed. One on my home PC, one on my work PC. I'm in the process of moving to a new work PC. My typical process in the past has been to install TCMD on the new PC, and then remove it from the old PC before I turn it in. So there is about a 2 week period where I have it on 3 PCs (I'm the only user, so only one PC is in use at any one time). This time, when I installed it on the new work PC I got a registration error "[11001] Host not found" when I put in my license key.

Any advice? Do I need to use the 'request manual key' process?

That error is an internet error (couldn't find the registration server). Assuming your internet connection is working, this is generally caused by a proxy server on your end blocking access to the JP Software registration server.

Did you unregister the old system before installing it on the new one? Doing an uninstall does *not* unregister that system from the registration server - you do that from the registration dialog (enter the computer name + key, then click on "unregister").
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