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Problem with 27.15

As part of startup I have the 4start.cmd file. As part of that file, I have line

prompt `%@lower[%_disk]`:$g

which should and has in the past given me the line


Note: lower case 'c'.

27.15 is giving me


which is out of left field. Note that the 'C' is upper case, and \4nt12 is the directory that I USED to start from before Version 27. And the ] is unknown. I am now starting from directory 4nt13.

The interesting things are that the rest of the .cmd file seems to be executed correctly, and if I re-execute the .cmd file immediately the prompt clears up to c:\. What is going on?

prompt $p$g will give you c:\>

This forum has answered your question before give it a go no need for `%@lower[%_disk] bla bla

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