Odd problem - screen brightness

Mar 5, 2009
I'm playing with tcmd v17 (yes, I know it's an old version) on an HP Spectre x360. I find that whenever I run tcc or tcmd the brightness goes to full. As soon as I exit tcc or tcmd the brightness goes back to normal.

Windows 10 Pro v1607.

This doesn't happen if I start Windows CMD.

Any ideas? I don't know if if happens with v20, I'm worried about disturbing my current installation.

It is related to tcc running; if I close the tcc session that starts when I run tcmd the brightness goes back to normal.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Are you talking about the overall screen brightness? TCMD and TCC do not do anything to change the hardware brightness. (I don't even know *how* to do that programmatically.)

If you're referring to the console or TCMD window only -- are you running with ANSI enabled (and an ANSI prompt)?
Mar 5, 2009
I'm talking about overall screen brightness. It's almost like the screen driver that controls brightness sees tcc do something that it thinks means the screen needs to be bright. I wouldn't expect it to be something you intend to have happen but a weird side effect.

I fully expected to find a dos prompt did it too, but it doesn't.
Mar 5, 2009
Batch file that runs on Startup in TCC window:
@cls white on blue
alias/r c:\tcmd\tcmd.ali
@set COMSPEC=C:\tcmd\tcc.EXE
prompt $P -$g
@setdos /i-reboot
@setdos /i-delay
@set .pdf=start
@set .zip=start
@cd d:\
@cd c:\

There is no TCStart.btm.

D:\ ->plugin
TCC: No plugins loaded
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