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Documentation Problem with JP Software web site

(Not sure that this is the right forum for this observation, but none of the others fit either, so...)

There is a link on the main web page to a comparison of Take Command with the LE version and CMD but that page (http://jpsoft.com/comparison-command-prompt-commands.html) is a little messed up in terms of the layout of the table, viz:


BTW this does not seem to be in any way browser dependent (the screenshot was taken with v11 of Firefox but I discovered it in Opera 11.6 and I've also tried an earlier version of Opera, Firefox v6, Chrome, Safari and even IE v7 and v9 with all displaying the 'table' as above, except for IE7 which doesn't render anything at all). Having looked at the page source all I can say is that the TABLE tag exists for a very good reason and trying to use pure CSS to lay out what genuinely is a table seems like self-flagellation ;)

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