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Problem with "

I have the following line which runs fine in a bat file not using tcc debugger:

type %home%xferlog.txt ">>%home%archlog.txt"

But when I run the bat file inside tcc debugger I get:

TCC: (Sys) F:\PVKENT\PVK-SVR4\filexfr\Script\mv2productiontest.bat [90] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Anyone know what the problem is:

BTW I have options CMD syntax checked
Your syntax doesn't work here in either CMD or TCC.

How TCC is interpreting your command line is:

1. type %home%xferlog.txt
2. type ">> %home%archlog.txt" (which will fail, because the > character is illegal in a filename)

I assume that what you're actually trying to do is to append the contents of xferlog.txt to archlog.txt. The correct syntax for that would be:

type "%home%xferlog.txt" >> "%home%archlog.txt"

which will work in both TCC and CMD.

You could also do the same thing with COPY /A without requiring redirection.
Do you have a HOME environment variable?

Set ho*

shows what?
Yes the home variable is set. And if I copy and paste the line into a cmd prompt it works. The line above did have a misplaced quote.

ANyway it suddenly started working. I wish the lines coming out when running had the variables substituted.

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