Jul 6, 2008
In the Help for TCMD->OPTIONS->Tabs there is a "Startup Wait" box description.

In v24 this is not present in the actual TCMD->OPTION->Tabs dialog.

Did this option go away in v24?

If so, consider adding to the appropriate help subjects.
The option still exists, and is still in the "Advanced Directives" section in the help.

However, it's obsolete and unnecessary 99.999% of the time, so it was removed from the Tabs dialog (and the help for the Tabs dialog).
Makes sense.

Take Command > Configuration Options > Take Command Configuration Dialogs >
I am still seeing this startup wait in the above off-line docs. and the web Help for "Tabs Window".

Maybe there just hasn't been enough time to make all the doc changes. :cool:

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