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Is there any way to open the Take Command options dialog from the command line?

I often use the OPTION command to open the TCC options dialog for new tabs, but is there any way to open the TakeCommand options dialog from the command line as well? It's the one that you get when you click the first icon on the "Options" ribbon, which has "Windows", "Tabs", "Advanced", and "Register" pages. I thought I remembered finding one before but can't find any reference to it in the help. Thanks in advance!
For versions 24,25, and 26, if TCC is running in TakeCommand, this command will do it (does it here).

keystack Alt-O Enter

In v27, Alt does not activate the main menu!
That was my fault. I wasn't using the correct Alt key.

Actually it does work in v27 but you must use the Alt key that's kept by TakeCommand (the checked one on the Option/Tabs page).
Aha! Thanks to the KeyboardStateView utility, I was able to figure out that in Windows the left and right Alt keys can be referenced by numeric codes 164 and 165 respectively. Armed with that fact, keystack let me achieve what I was after with the following command:

keystack 165-O Down Enter

That works with my changes to the Alt/Ctrl keys used by TakeCommand. Now I have a simple "TCOPTION" alias that does what I want. Thanks for putting me on the right trail!

UPDATE: Hmm.... That only worked until I made it an alias, and now it's not working at all. How weird. Clearly, I need to do some more investigation. I'll keep updating this until I find something that works...

The good news is that "keystack alt-O down enter" always works properly if you have TakeCommand configured to use the left Alt key. The bad news is that I can't find any reliable way to configure TakeCommand to use the right Alt key (so the command-line editing shortcuts that rely on Alt work as I expect) and invoke that dialog. Any thoughts, folks?
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I was trying that too. What version of TCMD do you have? With v27 and RightAlt checked in the options, I get nonsense from
keystack 165-O Down Enter
... usually something from the command history starting with 'o'.
The "ver /r" command shows as follows:

TCC 27.01.23 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19042.985]
TCC Build 23 Windows 10 Build 19042

I find it all works nicely if I can tolerate letting TakeCommand have the left Alt key, but that's irritating to me.
The right alt key on many keyboards is 'alt-graph', used to create third and fourth shifts, to get joys like þ, č and the like.

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