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ftp unreliable

First: I could not search for a similar problem, since the search does not allow the too short word "ftp".

I experience, that the ftp solution within tcc is very unreliable. Regardles if "iftp" or using "ftp:...".
There are many connection interruptions. Before I switched to the tcc built in ftp, i used a dedicated ftp client.
I had literally zero problems with that. What am I doing wrong?

The code below works 50% of all tries. The other 50% it fails (resulting file is too small,
which is an interrupt before the transfer has finished).

E.g. I use:

set _bdate=[1-9][0-9](-[0-9]{2}
set _bmask=access_log_XXX_YY_20%_bdate)
set _fmask="::^^%_bmask{2}\.gz$"
copy /b /q ftp://%_fuser:%_fpass@%_fhost/%_fdir/%_fmask .
(%_fuser etc. are of course set...)

Thanks for any help!
I can't reproduce any problem with ftp here (I use it daily). Try IFTP /V and see if it displays any messages about why it's failing. You might also try the IFTP /R option if your host is timing out.

Is this with a particular FTP host or any FTP host? If it's with a particular host, the only way I will be able to debug it is if I can get access to that host for testing.
I just use it with 1 ftp server. This is my professional webhosters ftp server. I download the logfiles from there. I never had problems using either FileZilla, Dreamweaver (using ftp) or Cygwin's NcFTP.

I created a small test file (test_upload.btm). The first run is ok (test_1.txt). All further runs fail with ftp reply code 426 (test_n.txt). A exit and new start of tcc has the same effect. 1st run is ok, further runs fail. Maybe something with internal variables which are valid after a iftp /c and disturb the next run?

Same file with above named clients has no problems with repetetive transfers.

Update some seconds after above post: I enabled detailed log messages in FileZilla and saw, that passive mode is used. So I changed the iftp command to iftp /p1 /v. From that change on, I could repeat the transfers without error. Is passive mode available only with iftp? What is the default with copy ftp:...?


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