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New Clear Buffer in TCMD Home Menu

TCC 25.00.8 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.295]
TCC Build 8 Windows 10 Build 18362

From the "What's New in Version 25" Help Page
Added a new entry to the Home / File menu:
Clear Buffer Delete the contents of the current tab window's screen buffer.

I'm asking this out of ignorance of what to expect when using the Clear Buffer button. When pressed it clears the buffer, but doesn't clear the currently displayed contents in the active tab (or perhaps it doesn't trigger a redraw of the window). The result is a flashing cursor at the top of the window, no prompt displayed and the now deleted contents of the buffer remaining on display.

I couldn't find any more clues in the Help as to what it's supposed to do; my expectation was that the effect would be the same as issuing a CLS /C command at the prompt.

Is the Clear Buffer button currently WAD?
Here, it clears the buffer and what's in the the active tab. But there's no prompt. CLS /C seems more friendly.
It's supposed to clear the buffer, and not redisplay the prompt. However, there seems to be a timing bug in the GUI framework that causes it to sometimes not clear the screen.

CLS /C is only available if you're running TCC. If you're running CMD, PowerShell, bash, etc. there's no way to clear the buffer.
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