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Not Used TCMD Since V21 - Can't Get Tabbed Toolbar To Work

I read this page Customizing Take Command's Tabbed Toolbar Tabs and Buttons so it seems simple:

1) Options | Tabbed Toolbar | Add Button
2) Enter names and command line
3) OK
4) Options | Tabbed Toolbar | Save to .INI (the help page doesn't mention the Save/Reload options but I assume they're supposed to work intuitively).

I do this, exit TCMD and at the end of TCMD.INI I have this:

B1=1536,32,"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD32\tcc.exe",TCC,,,,"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD32\tcc.exe" c:\util\boot\tcstart

Seems okay? However when I re-start TCMD the toolbar doesn't show. How do I get to show? I tried the "Reload from .INI" which didn't help.

Also, to the right of the startup buttons is a small gray tab used to open a new tab but I can't find any way to configure that and I don't want a plain TCC window I want one opened with a command line like that in my button above.

Anyone point me what I'm missing here?
So I found COMSPEC is what I need for the new tab config .. the field label didn't exactly scream "NEW TAB SETUP HERE" to me. ;)
Well COMSPEC doesn't work properly .. while I can add the command argument to it and it works for that session when I reload TCMD the argument is no longer at the end of COMSPEC.

This is in TCMD.INI after exiting the first time:

COMSPEC="C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD32\tcc.exe" c:\util\boot\tcstart

Clearly when the .INI is loaded next time it's mis-parsed and the argument seems simply to be lost.
It seems OK here (TCMD 32).

COMSPEC has nothing to do with it. COMSPEC is what's run in new tabs. If it's blank you get the default TCC.EXE. For a toolbar button, what's run is what you specify.

My test was simple. It works and still works after restarting TCMD.



B1=1536,32,,SinButton,SinTab,v:\,ToolTip,d:\tc32\tcc.exe v:\sin.btm
No idea why COMSPEC is limited to only a pathname to a program and not a command line like the toolbar buttons, but hey, it is what is.

This is what I put into my .INI

B1=1536,32,,TCC,Shell,c:\,Hello,"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD32\tcc.exe" c:\util\boot\tcstart

Looks pretty similar to yours but my bar isn't loaded .. I assume yours is reaload .. when I restart TCMD.

I just copy/pasted the lines from your post into my .INI and that bar isn't showing either when I load TCMD!
Do you have View\TabbedToolBar checked?


I copied your INI entry to mine (with changes to only the command) and it worked, after restarting, too.

B1=1536,32,, TCC ,Shell,c:\,Hello,"d:\tc32\tcc.exe" v:\sin.btm


So I'll hold up my hands and admit I never looked for an option because when I created the bar using Tabbed Toolbar config menu it DOES SHOW the bar after adding the button even though that View potion you pointed me to isn't set so I simply assumed that if there were such a toggle it must be set 'on'.

I did look at the dialog Tab config dialog page to see if there was a setting there but it didn't occur to me to go menu diving,

Thanks, appreciate it.
Yes, I see what you mean. Adding a button does show the toolbar. It also checks the box in the View menu; that's what's not remembered. It seems like reasonable behavior; you just might want to test the button right away. I don't know what was intended.

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