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Fixed TCMD /X option

The help text says that TCMD.XML should be in the same dir as TMCD.INI.

It is unclear who / what writes the initial version. I have never succeeded in generating one?
What happens if you use a non-standard name and location for the configuration file?

I have no problem with the file being called TCMD.XML but I would request that its location is the same as the configuration file.

Regards, DJ
Just start TCMD.EXE with the /X option. The XML file will be created when TCMD exits. Here it was put in TCMD's home directory (where the INI file is).
Hi Vince,
Thank you for your reply.

Like I said, I have never seen this work.
TCMD.XML never appears. EVERYTHING can't find it.
I quoted the help-file for a reason: maybe TC doesn't create the file because my ini-files are in none of the default locations. It would be an easy mistake to make but I have no way of checking, of course.

The reason I'm looking at this little titbit is that in tcmd my File-Explorer sometimes disappears. I personally prefer it pinned and on the right side of the window. After a while, immediately after starting TC, the Explorer is unpinned and at the top of the window again. Most irritating.

I was hoping to solve this problem by using the /X option but that doesn't work either. Maybe the two are related.

Regards, DJ
I don't know. I had never tried it before. I just started TCMD with the /X option and closed it. The XML file was there. Depending on your set-up, it might be trying to write to a place where it doesn't have permission. Can you locate your INI file? Did you look there?
If you have ProcessMonitor (SysInternals/Microsoft) you can set it up like this and see it (hopefully) accessing the XML file (after you wade through hundreds of records. If TCMD tries and fails, there should be a record of the failure.


That was an excellent suggestion!

TC tries and fails to write %ProgramFiles\JPSoft\TCMD28\TCMD.xml,
... and there is no TCMD.ini in that location.

I attached the screenshot.

So, I feel supported in my original hypothesis that the prerequisite "TCMD.XML should be in the same dir as TMCD.INI" has something to do with this failure. I suspect TC isn't checking the value of _ininame but is traversing the defaults.



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Yes. It seems TCMD wants to put the XML file where the EXE is. That's OK if it's d:\tc28 and not OK if it's in the ProgramFiles tree. Putting it witj the INI file seems appropriate.
The TCMD.XML option was added for a corporate customer whose IT department was a tad over-zealous and was blocking all user registry writes (including to HKCU). Everybody else (99.99+ % of the TCMD users) shouldn't be using it; it provides no benefit and it significantly slower when starting & exiting TCMD.

I identified a potential problem in TCMD (which depended on several other interacting factors) where the TCMD.XML file was not written to the TCMD.INI directory. This has been fixed for the next build. (But you still shouldn't be using it!)

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