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Remaining TCMD background process (v26) ...


I'm not sure, if this is a bug. However, I decided to make this post to inform you ...

This was the at least the 2nd time since v26 that after closing Take Command a background process was still there.


What I can say is: both times I had also the help file open - and also, I started Take Command several times (also TCC, but this is probably not related).

Once again, I am not sure, if this is a bug, at least not if this is related to Take Command itself or (more) to the help file ... it's just an info for you.
I can reproduce it, but not dependably. It involves having more than one TCMD running, at least one Help showing, and X-ing one of the TCMDs. The zombied TCMD uses all of one processor. I have no TCEXIT script.

I also noticed this. Start two TCMDs; open the help in one TCMD; X the other TCMD ... the help closes. WAD?
WAD in the sense that:

1) It's behaved this way for at least 20 years, and
2) It's out of my control - that's what Windows does when you use the HtmlHelp APIs. TCC (and TCMD) don't do anything to close the help window.
It doesn't happen with TCC. The only TCC whose closing will close the help is the TCC which opened the help.
It doesn't happen with TCC. The only TCC whose closing will close the help is the TCC which opened the help.

That's right, it doesn't happen with TCC. Console apps and GUI apps are different.

Whenever I've tried to replace the (awful outdated unsupported) CHM help file format, one of the beta testers bombards me with dozens of messages that his IE 8 configuration was changed.

Radical thought - use web help. Problem solved.
I'm still trying to reproduce the zombie thingy. I managed to do it once more, writing down my steps. The same steps didn't make it happen again.
Well, the reproducable steps were easy HERE:

1. Open TCMD
2. Open help (via help command)
3. Close TCMD (help closes automatically as desired).

And voila, a background process remains.

PS: I thought, I had already tested those steps 2 days ago or so and couldn't reproduce it, but at least at the moment, I have each time this behaviour. So it seems, it's definitively related to the open help.
Still can't reproduce it here. However, working under the assumption that it's a recent Win 10 bug with html help (which wouldn't be surprising since MS dropped support long ago), I added an experimental fix to build 30.

Try build 30 (already uploaded) and let me know if it works for you.
Generally I use TCC and not TC, but since so far I have not contributed to this forum for v26, here are my two cents.
On my pc with windows 10 English 64 pro 1909 I have this "issue", even with build 30, with a "ghost" tcmd process.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Additionally info: it does NOT occur whlie I start TCMD elevated or in my admin account. So, the problem is as restricted user only.
How are you invoking the help?
I followed Alpengreis instructions.
Start TC (in my case it opens one tab with TCC).
Type the help command.
Close TC.
It closes the TC window and the help window, but there is still a tcmd process.


Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Please try this again with build 31 (already uploaded). Still can't reproduce it here, but trying another potential workaround.
It seems to work also on my pc.
Please let me explain.
Am I able to reproduce this "issue"?
Yes, meaning that it happened more than once.
No, meaning that I cannot say that it happened always.
Maybe it happened always and in one case I did not see the ghost process.
What I noticed is that the ghost process kept the same pid.
And that it used 25% of the cpu.
With build 31 I have not been able to reproduce it.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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