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Startup Defaults

When starting TCC v21 I want the Tabbed Toolbar to show and the Minimize the Ribbon turned off. How do I change this so it persists for future sessions?

Those are remembered here with no fuss. Whatever I check/uncheck in the "View" tab is remembered for the next start-up.
The startup info is stored in two places:

1) The TCMD.INI file
2) The "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\Take Command 21" registry key

If you or a Windows Policy or third-party software is blocking updates to either of those, the settings will not persist across sessions.
I have tried running as administrator on "take command" and the changes do not hold between sessions. I don't have anything that is blocking those two locations that I am aware.

Where is the ini file located?

I have no tcmd.ini in either my TCMD20 or TCMD21 installation folders. Same behavior is seen in both versions.

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Yes, I found the file. I guess I can try editing to meet my needs. Not sure why it is not saving upon exit.
Here, the changes to TCMD.INI are immediate. Changing the tabbed toolbar setting or the minimize ribbon setting causes an immediate change to TabToolBar and/or MinimizeRibbon directives. Where is the INI file you found? Is it in a place where you have write permission?
C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command 21

My toolbar button changes are in the file and I added them through the GUI.

Niether TabToolBar or MinimizeRibbon show up in my file

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