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V21.24 theme problem

I have just installed TCMD V21.24 on Windows 7, using a copy of my old V20 .ini file to set it up. The first thing I did after registering it was to try a different theme as I did not like the look of the one I was seeing. I can not remember which one I tried, and now the Options/Styles icon is not appearing in the ribbon menu at all so I can not change the theme, and the ribbon menu is not displaying other things properly either. I have attached a screen shot of the problem, and my TCMD21.INI file is available for download from my web server:


Where do I find the theme settings so that I can try changing to something that works?


  • TCMD21_theme_problem.jpg
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Thank you, deleting that key has fixed everything. Now when I change to any theme it just works as expected. So I have no idea what went wrong the first time.

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