Ctrl + Shift keys and Paste (drop down menu and V)

Dec 2, 2008
This is in reference to the new functionality in V19:

"Edit / Paste will check to see if the Ctrl + Shift keys are down, and if so it will insert a " & " between lines of a multiline paste"
and "Ctrl+Shift+V will insert a " & " between lines of a multiline paste"

In an editor I copied the following to the clipboard:

dir /s
dir /b /s
dir /Q /T

Now if I do a Ctrl + Shift and Paste from the Edit menu or pop-menu from right click on the mouse, I get:

dir /s & dir /b /s & dir /Q /T

If I do a Ctrl + V, I get:

dir /s

Then if I do Ctrl + Shift + V, I get:

dir /sdir /b /sdir /Q /T & &


Another strange thing is if I do a Ctrl + Paste + V into the "Command Input" Window I get:


OS: Windows 7 x64 Enterprise SP1
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
dir /s

Then if I do Ctrl + Shift + V, I get:

dir /sdir /b /sdir /Q /T & &

After "echos dir /s^ndir /b /s^ndir /Q /T", Ctrl-Shift-V gives that (above) in a console.

And, still in the console, if I Ctrl-Shift-SystemMenu\Edit\Paste, I get a trailing newline, and the three commands are executed.

In TCMD, it's diggerent. Crl-Shift-V executes the first two and leaves the third ion the command line, while Ctrl-Shift-CintextMenu\Paste gets it right.
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