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Can we fix the scaling for TCmd?

On Windows 10 the scaling of the TCmd application seems broken: I typically alternate between two screen configurations, one using the built-in screen of my laptop, at a 3840x2160 resolution scaled to 225% of standard DPI, the other one an external monitor connected to a docking station which has a 3440x1440 resolution scaled to 150%. If I set the font for the built-in console to appear the same size as the font in a stand-alone TCC window (which simply uses the Windows console) while using the laptop's display, then the font will be huge, and much larger than the font in the Windows console when using the external monitor. Of course, other user interface elements of the TCmd window are much too large also. Clearly something is wrong with the scaling. Is there a way to fix this?
Here is the screenshot on the built-in screen:


This is what things look like on the external screen:


The fonts in the TCC consoles scale correctly between screens and are consistent with other applications. The font in TCmd's built-in console is too large.
I don't understand. What console is it you are referring to with the expression "native terminal"? TCmd's built-in console? The one that comes with Windows 10? What is it you are trying to say?
Conhost.exe scales just fine here, and appears consistent across different displays and DPI scalings. It scales in exactly the same way as, say, ConEmu. TCmd.exe does not.
Thanks. This may be caused by the fact that resolution, scaling and aspect ratio are all substantially different between the two scenarios. I suspect the fact that the external monitor is ultra-widescreen may cause this. Perhaps your GUI scales based on monitor width or something of that sort. Whatever the reason, the scaling is wrong.
Quick update: Version 24 has the exact same problem still: Take Command does not scale correctly between the two displays I have described in my original post.
So this is fascinating: After telling us for more than a year that the issue I was describing "cannot be reproduced", now all of a sudden you guys are "offering" us a paid upgrade that has as one of its main claims to fame the feature that it fixes a problem that before you had declared to not exist. I have to hand it to you, that's an awesome business strategy. Congratulations, you just completely lost every last bit of respect I had for you from the time I had first installed 4DOS on my PC. Good luck.
I am still unable to reproduce your problem here with v24. V25 incorporates a major new release from the third-party GUI framework developers that they said they had fixed some scaling issues. I don't know if those changes will affect the problem you're seeing, and trying to back port the new framework version into v24 would be impractical -- as in a several week project that *might* solve your problem, but would more likely introduce new ones.
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