Can we fix the scaling for TCmd?

May 18, 2018
On Windows 10 the scaling of the TCmd application seems broken: I typically alternate between two screen configurations, one using the built-in screen of my laptop, at a 3840x2160 resolution scaled to 225% of standard DPI, the other one an external monitor connected to a docking station which has a 3440x1440 resolution scaled to 150%. If I set the font for the built-in console to appear the same size as the font in a stand-alone TCC window (which simply uses the Windows console) while using the laptop's display, then the font will be huge, and much larger than the font in the Windows console when using the external monitor. Of course, other user interface elements of the TCmd window are much too large also. Clearly something is wrong with the scaling. Is there a way to fix this?
Here is the screenshot on the built-in screen:


This is what things look like on the external screen:


The fonts in the TCC consoles scale correctly between screens and are consistent with other applications. The font in TCmd's built-in console is too large.