FTP problem with COPY /U

May 30, 2008
TCC 9,02.149 Windows XP [Version 5,1,2600]

It seems COPY /U combined with certain file names does
not work reliably with FTP servers.

In the example below file names containing "[" and/or "]" are always copied when using the /U switch.

C:\User\temp>dir test*

Directory of C:\User\temp\test*

26.06.2008 7:20 6 test
26.06.2008 7:19 3 test1.txt
26.06.2008 7:19 11 test[2].txt

C:\User\temp>dir "ftp:test/"

TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the file specified.
0 bytes in 0 files and 0 dirs

7:21 (2008-06-26) C:\User\temp>*copy /U test* "ftp:test/"
C:\User\temp\test => ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/test
C:\User\temp\test1.txt => ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/test1.txt
C:\User\temp\test[2].txt => ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/test[2].txt
3 files copied

C:\User\temp>dir "ftp:test/"

Directory of ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/*

26.06.2008 4:21 6 test
26.06.2008 4:21 3 test1.txt
26.06.2008 4:21 11 test[2].txt
20 bytes in 3 files and 0 dirs

Fine so far, all test* where copies as expected.

C:\User\temp>*copy /U test* "ftp:test/"
C:\User\temp\test[2].txt => ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/test[2].txt
1 file copied

But here "test[2].txt" was copied again.

C:\User\temp>*copy /U test* "ftp:test/"
C:\User\temp\test[2].txt => ftp://netdrv.netikka.fi/test/test[2].txt
1 file copied

One more time, just to sure.

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