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start /runas - I'd like /netonly

I would like to run an app locally but in an environment where I am authenticated over the network with a different userid. Usually I do this with runas /netonly /user:domain\name foo.bat - but the downside of this is that I can't save the password.
Being prepared to take the risk of stored passwords, I'd like to do it!
Been looking for it all over Google (well, "all" might be exaggerated) and everything I found seemed to have the problem of trying to authenticate locally - but this user does not exist on my machine, so it would have to be a /netonly-authentication.
And suddenly it occurred to me that I should try this with TakeCommand! (Why I did not think of it earlier is a depressing question that I would like to research at a later stage.)
Ok, so now I am trying
start /runas {user}@[domain} {paswd} foo.btm
but I'm getting an error tellig me that either Username or Password is wrong - which is not. I guess it ust be the local vs. network-authentication...but at the same time I am surprised this should have never been addressed, so perhaps I am doing something wrong?
Argh - too bad. And with runas /netonly they do their own private stuff - grrrr. Stupid MS, stupid API ;-(

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