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Installer problem with default handler


I have set the default handler for .btm files to TCC NOT TCMD.

While update, the installer display this ...


Unfortunately, this is NOT correct. If I not deselect .BTM, the default handler changes to TCMD, which is undesired of course.

This would be correct ...


Can you implement this?

Kind regards
Yeah, having TCMD as the handler for those is often undesirable when you simply want to run a batchfile.
TCC do a better job with those, and without starting the TCMD wrapper to do so.

Something similar to the above (or just TCC) would probably be better.

It would also be nice if it remembered and used the previous install's setting (if available)
as the default selection for associations and the everything service.
You can suggest it in the Feedback forum.

There's already a couple of batch files included with the installation to set your default handler. After talking with a lot of users, I decided to add it to the installer for Take Command, not TCC, because:

1) Many users don't know the difference.
2) Most users are running in TCMD, and don't want stand-alone TCC console windows popping up when they click on a batch file.

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