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How to? Remote Install

We have bought a 50-user license of Take Command. Now we want to install it on 50 machines. Is it possible to install it remotely, silently and pre-registered?
Yes, you can do a silent install. You can see the installer options by adding “/?” at the command line. For example, the 64-bit installer:

tcmdx64.exe /?

For a silent install you’d want the /exenoui option.

The registration key is saved in the “c:\programdata\JP Software” directory. For v18, it is “TakeCommand.18.0.key”. The key is normally tied to the individual computer name, but if you need it we can send you a manual key that does not require the computer name (or internet access while registering). Using a manual key, you can register one system and then copy that TakeCommand.18.0.key to the other systems.[/code]

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