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Fixed V25 crashes when adding and then removing in the tabbed toolbar

Options / Tabbed toolbar / Add buttin. I fill in title=uuu and command=uuu. Press OK.
A tab "No title" shows up, with a button below it (the button is visible only while hovering over it, as I have put no label).
Right-click on the tab, Delete tab. TCMD crashes (Windows dialog) and restarts.
No, I don't have the tabbed toolbar (it doesn't even show). I click Add button, and this makes the toolbar show up, adds the default tab. (The described manipulation is obviously silly: I tried this out because I noticed that Options / Tabbed toolbar is not translated, hence I wanted to see what the "tabbed toolbar" looks like.)
I didn't tell: it's under Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601].

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