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Because I wasn't ready to move everything to version 16, I redefined my short cuts for version 16 to:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16\tcmd.exe" @"C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Local Settings\Application Data\JPSoft\16\TCMD.INI"

I also created directories that mirror those for version 15 and they are:


So where the TCMD.INI for version 15 said "Startup" the version 16 version would have "Startup-16" and similar with the other directories. But things didn't seem work the way I expected, for example, the "TCSTART/TCEXIT Path" in the version 16 was "C:\JPSoft\Startup-16" but the TCSTART.btm that actually runs is the one in "C:\JPSoft\Startup", the one from the version 15 TCMD.INI.
Also, if I use the "Options" menu from TCMD-16, I can edit the version 16 TCMD.INI but if I type "option" at the command prompt, I am editting the version 15 TCMD.INI.

Does TCC.EXE ignore the fact TCMD is pointing to a different TCMD.INI?

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Then from what I can understnd TCC would use the default TCMD.INI (in my case the version 15 copy) locate in "C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Local Settings\Application Data\JPSoft". Is there a way to point TCC.EXE to point to a different location?
I used the command:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16\tcmd.exe" @"C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Local Settings\Application Data\JPSoft\16\TCMD.INI"

and "C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Local Settings\Application Data\JPSoft\16\TCMD.INI" has a TCSTART/TCEXIT directory of "C:\JPSoft\StartUp-16\" but what is actually being used is the default TCSTART/TCEXIT directory located at "C:\JPSoft\StartUp\". I could have left the command at "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16\tcmd.exe" because most of "C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Local Settings\Application Data\JPSoft\16\TCMD.INI" is being ignored anyways.
Moved TCMD.INI to C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16 and changed the TCMD V16 shortcuts to:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16\tcmd.exe" @"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16\TCMD.INI"

Seems to work now. I based this on HELP, it says for "TCC Startup options":

This option sets the path and name of the .INI file. You don't need this option if
1) your .INI file is named TCMD.INI, and
2) it is in one of the following directories:
2.1) the same directory as TCC
2.2) the %localappdata% directory

TCMD V16 look here because I am tell it to by the command line and TCC V16 looks there by default. TCMD V15 and TCC V15 continue to run as if V16 wasn't there.

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