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TCMD 16 - Context menu

Sorry, no screenshot
TCC 16.00.24 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]

After selecting part of the text (using mouse) on the console
After Right Mouse Button I've got context menu, containing:
"Cut" and "Delete" items. What can I Cut or Delete?
Are you certain you mean "TCC" and "console"? In a console, you can only select with the mouse if QuickEdit is on and you only get a right-click context menu if QuickEdit is off.

If you mean "TCMD" and "tab" then I see what you're talking about. "Cut" and "delete" seem to do nothing.

I just gave that a try without any noticeable difference in the actions for cut, copy, and delete.

At a Take Command TCC tab I typed the command *dir tcm* . Next I highlighted the tcm*; right mouse click; cut. Also tried right mouse click; delete.

Both cut & delete resulted in the tcm* remaining on the command line, I could paste the tcm* .

So it appears that the right mouse click cut or delete and copy all do the same thing. I expected the highlighted text to be deleted with the cut & delete choices. That makes cut, copy, & delete all act the same when editing at the command line.

I did load V14 and V15 just to compare and they both seem to work the same as described above.

If there is some other use for the delete & cut right click options I would appreciate an example; preferably incorporated into the Help files.

That said; TCC is still the superior product when at a "command prompt" and using a mouse for command line editing is just, for me, a "nice to have" since I can do all needed editing using the keyboard.

TCMD 16.0 x64
Windows 7 Ultimate sp1
No plugins loaded

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